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R1270 (propylene) or R-1270, chemical formula C3H6, is a hydrocarbon refrigerant, non-toxic and flammable refrigerant grade propylene with zero ODP and very low GWP, which does not damage the ozone layer at all, and the greenhouse effect is also minimal. It is indeed the most environmentally friendly refrigerant today. From the perspective of environmental protection, almost all countries in the world treat R-1270 refrigerant. There are no restrictions on the initial installation of new refrigeration equipment and its use in the after-sales maintenance process.

R-1270 is mainly used to replace R22, R502, and other refrigerants in low-temperature refrigeration equipment; because R-1270 is flammable, it is usually only used in low-temperature refrigeration equipment with a small amount of liquid or as a low-temperature mixed refrigerant. A variety of components, R-1270 is compatible with traditional lubricants.

Product Properties

Molecular formula –
Molecular weight –
Boiling point (℃) -47.72
Freezing temperature (℃) –
Vapor pressure  0.95
Vapor density 25℃ (g/cm3) 0.58

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