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R507 is an HFC blend gas,  also called HFC507, as a long-term replacement for R502 and R22, widely used in the initial installation of new refrigeration equipment and addition during maintenance.
As a low-temperature refrigerant widely used today, HFC507 is often used in refrigeration equipment such as cold storage, food refrigeration equipment, marine refrigeration equipment, industrial low-temperature refrigeration, commercial low-temperature refrigeration, refrigerated trucks, refrigeration condensing units, supermarket display cabinets, and other refrigeration equipment.

HFC507 and R404A are long-term substitutes (HFC-type substances) of R502 and R22 refrigerants, but HFC507 can usually reach a lower temperature than R404A; HFC507 is suitable for all environments where R-502 can operate normally, and HFC507 is globally recognized. Approved and used by most refrigeration equipment manufacturers.

Product Properties

Molecular formula –
Molecular weight 98.9
Boiling point (℃) -46.75
Freezing temperature (℃) –
Critical pressure (KPa) 3792.1
Liquid density 24℃ (g/cm3) –
GWP 3900

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