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R407C refrigerant or R-407C is an HFC blend gas, an azeotropic blend of R 32, R 125, and R 134a (20/40/40), as R-407C belongs to the HFC type non-azeotropic environmentally friendly refrigerant (completely does not contain ozone-depleting CFC, HCFC), which is currently recognized and recommended by most countries as the mainstream medium and high temperature environmentally friendly refrigerant. It is widely used in new refrigeration equipment during the initial installation and maintenance process.

As a medium and high-temperature refrigerant widely used today, R-407C is mainly used in household air conditioners, medium and small commercial air conditioners (small and medium unit air conditioners, household central air conditioners, multi-line), mobile air conditioners (automotive air conditioners, etc.), dehumidifiers, Refrigeration equipment such as refrigeration dryers, marine refrigeration equipment, and industrial refrigeration equipment.

Product Properties

Molecular formula
Molecular weight86.2
Boiling point (℃)-43.8
Freezing temperature (℃)
Critical pressure (KPa)4630
Liquid density 25℃ 

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