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R152a refrigerant, the chemical name difluoroethane, is a single working fluid refrigerant. It is flammable, and it will catch fire when it reaches 4-17% in the air. R152a is generally mixed with other refrigerants to form a mixed refrigerant, widely used in refrigeration systems. It is also commonly used as an aerosol dispersant, low-temperature solvent, aerosol propellant, and organic synthesis intermediate.

R-152a refrigerant has a higher cooling capacity per unit volume and higher energy efficiency ratio than R-12 refrigerant and R-134a refrigerant. It has the same viscosity as R-12, and the specific heat capacity and latent heat of vaporization of liquid and gas are larger than R-12. The thermal conductivity of gas and liquid is significantly higher than that of R-12.

Product Properties

Molecular formula C2H4F2 
Molecular weight 66.05 
Boiling point 101.3KPa (℃) -24
Freezing temperature 101.3KPa (℃) -117
Critical pressure (KPa) 4520
Liquid density 30℃ (kg/m3) 912
Ozone depleting potential ODP 0
Global warming coefficient GWP 120

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