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R134a is currently one of the internationally recognized primary refrigeration fluids to replace R12. It is commonly used in automotive air conditioners, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, and as a foaming agent to produce hard plastic insulation materials, which can also be used to configure other mixed refrigeration. Agents, such as R404A and R407C.

Main application: 134a is mainly used as a refrigerant instead of R12 and is widely used to refrigerate automobile air conditioners and refrigerators.

Product Properties

Molecular formulaCH2FCF3
Molecular weight102.03
Boiling point 101.3KPa(℃)-26.1
Freezing point 101.3KPa (℃)-96.6
Density 30℃(kg/m3)1188.1
Critical temperature (℃)101.1
Critical pressure (MPa)4.06

Packaging Details and Delivery

Packages include can; disposable cylinder: r134a refrigerant 30 lb; refillable cylinder: 400L/800L/926L/1000L; tank: 18T;
As for delivery and other questions, please contact us with your port, country, and request, we will reply to you in a short time!

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