R408A - Coolib


R408A or R-408A is an HCFC blend gas that is a retrofit solution for medium and low-temperature refrigeration systems that are currently using R502.

It can be used as an alternative transitional refrigerant for low- and medium-temperature commercial refrigeration systems, household air-conditioning, commercial refrigeration, central air-conditioning, large-scale centrifugal compressor chillers, etc. R-408A can better replace R22 or R502 and has a higher exhaust temperature than R502.

Product Properties

Molecular formula –
The molecular formula 87.01
Boiling point (℃) -45.5
Freezing temperature (℃) 83.3
Critical pressure (KPa) 4.42
Liquid density 24℃ (g/cm3) –
Ozone-depleting potential ODP 0.016
Global warming coefficient GWP 3000

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