HC Refrigerant R600a - Coolib


R600a is a refrigerant grade isobutane and can replace R12, which is used as a projectile agent for aerosol in pesticides, cleaning agent, acrylic paint, etc!

Gas R600a is mainly used to produce isooctane through hydrocarbonization with isobutylene and is used as a gasoline octane improver. After cracking, that can produce isobutylene and propylene. Alkylation with n-butene and propylene, which can produce alkylated gasoline. Methacrylic acid, acetone, and methanol can be prepared. It can also be used as a refrigerant. High-purity isobutane is mainly used as standard gas and the preparation of special standard mixed gas. Used to synthesize isooctane, as a gasoline octane improver, used to make isobutylene, propylene, methacrylic acid, and used as a refrigerant.

Product Properties

Molecular Weight58.12
Boiling Point, °C-11.7°C
Critical Temperature, °C134.71
Critical Pressure, Mpa3.64
Specific Heat of Liquid, 30°C, [KJ/(kg°C)]2.38

Product Properties

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