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R290, also known as Propane (Propane), is a new type of environmentally friendly refrigerant with a chemical formula of CH₃CH₂CH₃ and a molecular weight of 44.10. It is an organic compound, a colorless, liquefiable gas. The chemical properties are stable and chemical reactions are not easy to occur. Used as refrigerant, internal combustion engine fuel, or organic synthesis raw material.

Mainly used in central air conditioners, heat pump air conditioners, household air conditioners, and other small refrigeration equipment. R290 (Propane) has excellent thermal performance, low price, and is compatible with ordinary lubricating oil and mechanical structural materials, ODP=0, GWP is very small, does not need to be synthesized, does not change the content of natural hydrocarbons, and is very useful for greenhouses. The effect has no direct impact. Propane has a large refrigeration capacity per unit volume, which is very suitable for small rotary compressors. The main physical properties of Propane are very similar to R22 and can use the R22 system; then, Propane can be filled directly without modification of the original machine and production line, which is a direct substitute.

Product Properties

Molecular Weight44.097
Boiling Point, °C-42.07
Critical Temperature, °C96.67
Critical Pressure, Mpa4.25
Specific Heat of Liquid, 30°C, [KJ/(kg°C)]1.64

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